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Rémy Jaeger,

Rémy Jaeger, has 8 years of experience of working in the data center, cloud hosting, and the blockchain industry. He has been conferred with industry awards from the Government of France. Rémy Jaeger is a promoter of green energy and funded many renewable energy projects. These beliefs are in sync with the Tech Farm Minermission, which is to open a cryptocurrency mining data center on renewable energy.

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Marc Bircham,

Marc Bircham has always been gunning for big things from a young age.  Through his twenties, Marc had a couple of businesses but discovered cloud mining in 2014 when he was 42, he never looked back.  After owning his own recruitment company and working in Advertising, Marc realized that there must be an easier way to his fortunes; mining bitcoins was and has been it. He has now had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring many people across the globe pushing them forward to being a successful investor in Tech Farm Miners. 

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Jerome Kaufman

Jerome Kaufman, was a former Financial Services Representative of the New York Life Insurance Company, where he consistently ranked among the top 10 regional developers. He was a former Legal Assistant and Lead Investigator for one of New York State’s most prominent Civil Rights Law Firms. He is a Professional Mining Software Developer, Lecturer, and Instructor who has mentored thousands of students around the globe toward becoming successful traders. He joined Tech Farm Miners in 2017 as its Senior Developer and is dedicated to furthering the company’s mission, which is to enhance as many lives as possible through empowerment and education.

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